The Keyboard player
A portrait of Kristian Marius Andersen

A documentary by Anne Holst Moulvad

About a musical genius who broke free of his social heritage.

A film about being different and a victim of bullying

But also about finding a way out through music.

It’s a story about the Ugly Duckling translated into modern Danish, where music is the main language. Enjoy great music by keyboard player Kristian Marius Andersen. Despite his baggage of Asperger’s Syndrome, bullying and a family lacking any special musical talents, he succeeded in becoming one of his generations best improvisers on piano and organ. He also has perfect pitch which means he can reproduce a song just after he has heard it.

As great as his talent for playing music is his difficulty in structuring and organizing his everyday life. The director Anne Holst Moulvad has been following Kristian for a period of 5 years, and this resulted in a fine and touching film which is also a great musical experience.

The film has received excellent reviews by the Danish reviewers and was a popular film in several cinemas.

The language of the film is partly in English as the main character Kristian was born and raised in Southport, England by a Danish father and an English mother.