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Dorte Hygum Sørensen, Politiken 3/2-2013

From dramaturgy to content and the main characters music "The Keyboard Player" is a redeemed, good and true story. Kristian Marius Andersen is a rare and almost incredible musical talent and it is spoken loud by professional experts in Anne Moulvad documentary of him, but it is also told by music and images throughout the film.



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Henrik Øster- Jørgensen, Herning Folkeblad  29/1-2013  

"The Keyboard player" is an excellent documentary. It is an even better movie than "A voice for life".


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Søren Hermansen, Kristeligt Dagblad 5/2-2013

Touching documentary about an unusual musical talent. The film is not only a portrait of an unusual musical talent, but also open our eyes to the "ucly duckling" in every human being .... Once upon a time the town Herning had an eagle. It was somewhat rumpled of EPO. Now they have a swan. A really beautiful swan!


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Michael Søby, 8/3-2013

Moulvad manages to draw a deeply sincere portrait of a quiet fighter, and she do it with a big heart and a good portion of understated humor.


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Henrik Queitsch, Ekstra Bladet 4/2-2013

Gentle and touching film. A portrait of a rare young talent. Moulvad manages the difficult balancing act to get close to, without crossing the border.

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Frederik Asschenfeldt Vandrup,

Kristian Marius Andersen is a key player of the grace of God - as simple as that.
Anne Holst Moulvad have with The Keyboard Player made ​​a fine and sensitive portrait of the great talent and his educational path towards debut concert.
On the surface you would think that The Keyboard Player was probably most relevant for players of the organ or lovers of church music, but when the Beatles and Star Wars also find their way to his extensive and complex improvisations, then our key talent demonstrates that the instrument is only a tool that conveys the musician's craft, and never bound by and for a particular genre of the musical universe.

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Max Melgaard, Nordjyske

The film's a documentary, but is told with great dramaturgical superiority. It's a good story to be wiser from.